Freeling Holt House is dedicated to providing exceptional care in an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness.  Allowing individuals the opportunity to attain or maintain their highest possible physical; mental; emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  We recognise and affirm the unique value of each person, their families/whanau and our wider community.  We support people to live with dignity, purpose and hope according to their aspirations and needs.




  • We celebrate life in all its stages
  • We recognise that fun, laughter, companionship and purpose are an integral part of the well being of individuals

People (or Respect & Dignity)

  • We treat each person with honour, dignity and respect
• We encourage people to treat each other with kindness & sensitivity

Cultural Diversity

  • We recognise and support the values and views of all cultures


  • We deliver the highest standard of clinical care by well trained staff in a professional and ethical manner


  • We embrace open and honest communication in a safe and supportive environment


  • We work collaboratively with health partners; service providers and our community to provide the best outcomes for our residents.


  • Freeling Holt will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining residential care delivery and will be recognised for the passion of its people and partners in providing compassionate, quality, innovative care to the residents it serves.